How do we work?

Data-driven work

A data-driven company collects and processes data to gain insights that eventually lead to business changes. In this respect, companies can differ in the way they a)collect their data, b) clean and organize the data to obtain insightful information, c) assess the value of the insightful information and d) ultimately implement a change in their business processes.

Are you as an SME convinced that working data-driven can add something to your company? This doesn’t mean that you can suddenly work more effectively or immediately apply the latest technologies. In fact, becoming a data-driven organization costs time and money, and is done step by step. We believe that the following steps can be helpful:

  1. Data Maturity: Determine how mature your company is in terms of data.
  2. Business Challenges: Find out where your company currently faces challenges.
  3. Check the data: In view of the business challenges, check whether within your company currently a) the relevant data is collected correctly; b) the relevant data is structured and clean enough to provide insights; c) share these insights with key policy makers; d) these policy makers use the insights to take action.
  4. Create Value: Discuss these insights with a professional Data Scientist to work together to create more value for the business by using the data.

How can we help you?


To participate in our project, you must first register your company. Here you choose one of the partners from your region so that we can best support your organization. You don’t have to do much yourself yet!


Once you are registered, the partner will contact you to schedule an intake. During an 1 on 1 intake we look at the possibilities for your organization and how we can best help you. We will explore the challenges and opportunities within your organization, discuss the quality of the data available and provide you with more information about the available tools. Because every company is different, we look together at which tools are most suitable for you to create more value with the available data.


The explanation for the available and for you useful tools was given during the intake. Now is the time to start using them! The partners are available at all times to provide more information if necessary. The available tools have been developed to provide more insights, but also to take the first step towards a data-driven organization. Let’s do that together!


During the evaluation, we look back on the completed process. What came out of the tools? Have new insights been generated that you can use immediately? Can we still do something for you? Feedback is always welcome. We would like to hear your experience!

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