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What is Futures by Design?

Futures by Design strives to help SMEs in different regions innovate, grow and / or increase productivity. SMEs are a critical part of the economy in several countries, but their success may be limited by insufficient access to data and limited internal knowledge or capacity to analyze the data. Both knowledge and data contribute to innovations within the company and eventually ensure better results. Futures by Design aims to support these SMEs and to stimulate innovation in the partner regions.

During this project, there will be a collaboration with SMEs in the partner regions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. These partners will share knowledge, ideas and local experiences to support SMEs. In this way they help SMEs to become more data driven and provide more information about the economic, technological, policy and supply changes that might possibly affect their future. Futures by Design has created a virtual environment in which the 6 partner regions are connected to support sustainable growth, innovation and productivity of SMEs.

First of all, your company must register and select one of the connecting partners. These partners plan a 1 to 1 intake, taking into account the ambitions and challenges within the organization. The whole journey is explained including the tools that will help you become more data driven. The whole trajectory will take approximately 3 months. After that you will leave with insights in your data and a specified first step to eventually become more data driven.

Together we always strive to help as many organizations as possible with the latest techniques!

Registering can be easily done on the website. If you already have contact with one of the partners, you can start right away. The first part of the journey starts with the Data Jumpstart and an intake survey. The latter we can use to eventually benchmark the progress.

How does it work?

Who are we?

The Futures by Design project wouldn’t exist without our partners! In total there are 12 partners from 5 different countries in the rural areas of the North Sea region. 


Data Jumpstart

Every company that starts with the FbD journey completes the Data Jumpstart. This is a scan that gives you a better insight in the Data Maturity level of your SME.

Data Brainwave

Once a challenge is identified that you want to tackle with using data, the Data Brainwave helps to map all possible relevant drivers and obstacles for your data project.

Data Booster

All the different tools lead to different insights and a more specific idea of your first step. The Data Booster helps to summarize all these insights into a project proposal.

Check out the other tools!

Are you interested in the other tools that we have created for the FbD journey?


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